Monday, May 19
Notes: Darwin and Natural Selection (pg 2)
Output (pg 3): Make up your own example of natural selection
Worksheet: Darwin's voyage of discovery (16.1)

Tuesday, May 19
Darwin vs. Lamarck worksheet

Wednesday, May 20
WS 16.2 and 16.3

Thursday, May 21
Notes: Evidence for Evolution (pg 4)
Output (pg 5): Vestigial structures diagram
Evidence for Evolution worksheet

Friday, May 22
Moth camouflage activity
Worksheet: Peppered moth survey

Monday, May 26
Memorial Day-No School

Tuesday, May 27
Notes: Mechanisms of Selection (pg 6)
Worksheet: Types of selection jigsaw

Wednesday, May 28
Worksheet: Evolution of populations (17.1 and 17.2)

Thursday, May 29
Notes: Evolution of Complex Traits (pg 8)
Output (pg 9): Diagram of eye evolution

Friday, May 30
Vocab Quiz #B-5
It's not fair! Activity Worksheet

Monday, June 1
Notes: Genetic drift (pg 10)
Worksheet: Adventures of the Beannonites

Tuesday, June 2
Notes: Speciation (pg 12)
Speciation skits (pg 13)
WS 17.3

Wednesday, June 3
Notes: Cladograms (pg 14-15)
WS 18.2

Thursday, June 4
Evolution and Selection POGIL

Friday, June 5 (Half Day)
Start Evolution final project (groups of 2 or 3)

Monday, June 8
Finish Project

Finals: Tuesday, June 9 and Wednesday, June 10
Evolution test (multiple choice, open note)
Evolution packet due
Present evolution projects