Ecology Unit
Monday, Oct 31
Construct Interactive Notes (9 pages)
Notes: Levels of Biological Organization (pg 2)
Output (pg 3): Draw or paste in pictures of each level

Tuesday, Nov 1
Notes: Biotic and Abiotic Factors (pg 4)
Output (pg 5): 5 biotic and 5 abiotic factors that affect you every day
Worksheet: What is Ecology (3.1)

Wednesday, Nov 2
POGIL: Biomes of north america

Thursday, November 3
Notes: Trophic Levels (pg 6)
Output (pg 7): Paste in pyramid diagram and draw a color picture illustrating each level
Worksheet: Trophic Levels (3.3)

Friday, November 4
Vocab Quiz #A-5
Food Web Poster, Due Mon

Monday, Nov 14
Notes: Competition (pg 8)
Competitive Exclusion Activity (pg 9)
WS 14.1

Tuesday, Nov 15
Squirrel simulation
Virtual investigation: Population niches and competition
Virtual lab
WS 14.2

Wednesday, Nov 16
Notes: Symbiosis (pg 10)
Output (pg 11): Homework--research one parasitism and one mutualism and write a paragraph about each
Good Buddies Worksheet

Thursday, Nov 17
POGIL: Ecological relationships

Friday, Nov 18
Vocab Quiz A-6
Notes: Succession (pg 12)
Handout (pg 13)
Succession Worksheet (14.5)

Monday, Nov 21
Notes: Population Growth (pg 14)
Output (pg 15): Quick-write: Have humans reached carrying capacity?
WS 14.3

Tuesday, Nov 22
Carrying Capacity Activity
WS 14.4

Wednesday, Nov 23
Vocab Quiz A-7
Notes: Diversity (pg 16)
Output (pg 17): Diversity activity (outside)

Monday, Nov 28
Top 10 Project

Tuesday, Nov 29
Top 10 Project

Wednesday, Nov 30 (Finals schedule)
Ecology Test
Ecology Interactive Notes and packets due
Present projects