Note: If you are absent on the day of a lab, there will be a make-up day during class on Thursday Oct 6
Thursday, Sept 29
Notes: Epithelial Tissue (pg 2)
Summary Table (pg 3)
P/R Read pg 87-92 Questions 27-29

Friday, Sept 30
Epithelial Tissue Lab (pg 4-5)
P/R Read pg 92-97 Q 30-31

Monday, Oct 3
Notes: Connective Tissue (pg 6)
Output (pg 7): Cartoon character

Tuesday, Oct 4
Connective Tissue Lab (pg 8-9)
P/R Read pg 97-104 Q 32-36

Wednesday, Oct 5
Notes: Muscle and Nerve Tissue (pg 10)
Muscle and Nerve Lab (pg 11)

Thursday, Oct 6
Finish or make-up Labs
Start Tissue Types Poster, Due Tue

Friday, Oct 7
Finish Tissue Types Poster
Chapter Review: Go to page 107 of textbook. Answer questions 7-11 and 26-32 on page 14 of your Interactive Notes

Monday, Oct 10
Tissue Types Poster due
Ch 3B Quiz
Ch 3B Test
Ch 3B Interactive Notes due