Wednesday, Feb 4
Notes: Heart Anatomy, part 1 (pg 2)
Heart Diagram (pg 3)

Thursday, Feb 5
Notes: Heart Anatomy, part 2 (pg 4)
*these notes are in the powerpoint above*
Pathway of Blood (pg 4)
Output (pg 5): Valve superhero: Pick one type of heart valve and draw a superhero based on it. Include a color picture, a name, superpowers, and an origin story
Sculpt a Heart

Friday, February 6
Notes: Heart Physiology (pg 6)
Output (pg 7): Diagram

Monday, Feb 9
Notes: Blood Vessels (pg 8)
Blood vessel coloring ws (pg 9)
Start blood vessel poster (see instructions below)

Tuesday, Feb 10
Notes: Blood pressure (pg 10)
Blood pressure lab (pg 11)

Wednesday, Feb 11
Quiz: Blood Vessels
Ch 11 Test
Ch 11 Interactive Notes Due