Monday, Jan 26
Notes: Blood Characteristics and Functions (pg 2)
Output (pg3): Coloring diagram and types of white blood cells handout

Tuesday, Jan 27
Notes: Red Blood Cells and Hemoglobin (pg 4)
Lab: Formed Elements of the Blood (pg 5)
Note: if absent, get the drawings from another student

Wednesay, Jan 28
Quiz: Formed Elements of the Blood
Notes: Blood Clotting (pg 6)
Output (pg 7): Comic strip showing steps of blood clotting. At lease 6 panels, color

Thursday, Jan 29
Notes: Blood Type (pg 8) Hand-written notes
Output (pg 9): Blood type problem
Demo: Blood Typing (pg 10)

Friday, Jan 30
No School

Monday, Feb 2
Test Chapter 1
Chapter 10 Interactive Notes due